Having exposed to the mushroom field for 10 years. I have come accross certain unhealthy practices which ultimately resulted in cheating the poor mushroom cultivators. Now we can see the mushroom growth of the mushroom training centres in Kerala. Many of these centres charge Rs 1000/- to 2000/- or even more for a day’s training and supply a kit containing spawn. Of course we can understand the genuine need for a training and this is being done by the Training centres like the Regional Agricultural Reseach stations at Kumarakom like where they charge the minimum and impart good and authentic training. We recieved so many complaints that the spawn supplied by the private training centres is not giving good yield and in most of the cases no yield at all. These centres are business oriented and they multiply several generations of spawn from the mother spawn which ultimately resulted in low yield or no yield. These centres never practice mushroom cultivation by their own in their sheds and they only preach it. They know that cultivation is rather difficult for term as their target is immediate money making and not the dedicated mushroom cultivation. They don’t have the practical knowledge in mushroom growing media. They only have the theoritical and conventional methods to preach.