We have concentrated in cultivating mushroom differently rather than doing different things.
Ours is a unique shed – Multi storey which can house 2000 mushroom beds. Lower one is with a temperature of less than 28 degree centigrade suitable for Oyster mushroom and Upper one with a temperature upto 32 degree centigrade suitable for Milky mushroom.So two different variety can be cultivated at the same location one in the lower floor and another in the upper floor. We have made use of the different temperature needed for the mushroom rearing to our advantage by builting the floor one above the other.
It has got mist/fog irrigation facility, blue curtain, the colour which mushroom like very much. Geo textiles with drip irrigation to get the cooling effect, a self developed system which is working fine and proved very good. We have also developed Bio – Hitech system to cultivate Oyster mushroom in the first floor level shed, according to our requirement.
We have done it professionally, systematically and maintain good quality standards.
We do the mushroom cultivation in an organic way. Our logo itself tells that it is “an Organic way to healthy living”. The disinfection of the mushroom growing media is done by ecofriendly crop protect and calcium carbonate or pottasium permanganate, and now the latest food grade hydrogen peroxide imported from Belgium.
We are producing the spawn in our most hygiene lab. We are limiting the spawn multiplication upto two generation only hereby ensuring the high yield and good quality.
We have branded all the mushroom, spawn and valued added products, first time in Kerala. This has given faith to the public on the product.
We are giving vestibule type of training, the cultivation environment at a very nominal fees and giving free consultation to set up the shed. We have an email “Coonfresh@ymail.com” through which we give free advice and also over phone 0478 2871194, 089410299. And now our son Anto Joseph is also into the mushroom field and he has developed a handbook in mushroom cultivation with tips for trouble free cultivation and we give it to all the training participants alongwith one packet spawn for the trial run.