Oyster and Milky Mushrooms

Coon Fresh produces and supplies Oyster mushrooms and Milky Mushrooms every day. We produce fresh mushrooms naturally using bio hi-tech mushroom cultivation houses. We also give Cultivation Training, Spawn and develops value added products from Mushroom.

Everything You Need about Mushrooms

Fresh Mushrooms, Spawns, Cultivation Training, On House Training Materials, Cultivation Kit, Value Added Products, Everything is here at Coon Fresh!

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  • I have to say, I think you're doing really great stuff for new and young farmers, I really like your organic way of farming.
    Sreenivasan, Actor
  • It was so nice to visit your farm and Bio-Tech Lab. Your presentation was inspirational.  These are very exciting times for new farmers in Kerala.
    Lal Jose, Director
  • I really enjoyed participating in Coonfresh's Mushroom Fest. Mushroom food varieties you provided were really tasty and nutritious.
    Siddique, Director